Wills & Probate

Death and Taxes are the only certainties in life. We look into estate planning through the drafting of wills, which can range from outright giving to the creation of trusts. Applications for the Grant of Letters of Administration (no Will involved) and the Grant of Probate are necessary upon death and allow your administrator/executor to manage your estate.

With the growth and emergence of the financial planner in our daily lives, our role as lawyers to our clients — helping them with succession matters, wealth management issues and the preservation of wealth — has become critical.

With regard to this area of our practice, we have teamed up with various financial planning agencies and individuals alike to bring these valuable services to every client’s doorstep.

Further, with the emergence of the Family Office/Family Governance, the preservation of wealth within the family has also taken on a whole new challenge. We would be happy to offer our advice and views of how a family with a strong and a clear governance structure can perpetuate growth.