Real Estate & Strata Management

Whether you wish to buy, sell or refinance what is possibly the biggest and most sought-after asset here in land-scarce Singapore, we provide quality and personal service to ensure that the transaction takes place smoothly. We can also offer advice on how the recent property cooling measures might affect you if you decide to purchase or sell a property.

We live a densely populated and compact city-state where many people live in strata-titled properties such as mixed residential/office developments and condominiums. Such communities own, enjoy and are responsible for the upkeep of common facilities like lifts, car parks, sports and recreational facilities in their estates.

Quite often, when the management corporation strata title plan (MCST) takes over the running of the estate, there may be disputes, whether with the developer in relation to defective workmanship, or a whole myriad of day-to-day issues such as the lack of car park lots for subsidiary proprietors, the misuse of common property, noisy residents, lack of security, or simply the running of a management council. These are just a few of the many things requiring an understanding of the provisions of relevant legislation such as the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act.

Our expertise in this area will equip subsidiary proprietors and/or Management Councils and/or Managing Agents with professional advice on living in strata properties as well as facilitating the better management of estates in complex matters such as claims against vendors, contractors and other third parties in matters which may have a far reaching impact on the running of the estate and its residents.

We have acted with great success for MCST and subsidiary proprietors in Strata Titles Board matters. We have acted against developers/contractors in claims for defects, faults and deficiencies and against managing agents for, among other things, poor management of an estate and matters that are at odds with good sense and the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act.