Mediation is a process whereby parties and their lawyers attend before a neutral Mediator, to try to resolve the matter amicably. The Mediator is usually a Judge but can sometimes be a seasoned lawyer.

At Clifford Law, Viviene Sandhu is a seasoned mediator and has conducted several successful sessions at the Primary Dispute Resolution Centre of the State Courts on matters involving debt claims, property and renovation disputes. More recently, she has been appointed by the Law Society to mediate on complaints.

The focus of mediation is not to determine which party is "right" or "wrong". Rather, it is to explore parties' positions and interests, as well as to assist parties in generating options for resolving the matter peacefully. The Mediator acts more like a referee to facilitate discussions, rather than an umpire who awards points to parties.

In the civil courts there are various types of mediation at different stages of proceedings. Our duty as lawyers during mediation is to advise our clients on their rights, liabilities and options. This enables clients to make an informed decision, which in turn facilitates the best resolution in the circumstances.

Be it mediation, litigation or any other processes, at Clifford Law we are committed to ensuring our clients’ interests are safeguarded.