IP & Entertainment Law

Intellectual Property & Technology

Intellectual Property covers the likes of trademarks, patents and copyright, which all spring from a person's efforts to create and invent. Intellectual Property Law seeks to preserve and protect that creative effort.

We can and have assisted clients in the registration of trademarks as well as the challenging and resisting of objections to registrations with IPOS (The Intellectual Property of Singapore).

Though copyright is inherent in one's creation, there are various ways to formally protect one's copyright and to safeguard one's rights and recover damages suffered. One such way is by entering into an agreement where the rights and liabilities of one's copyrights are clearly set out in any situation.

Entertainment Law

Entertainment and the Arts are becoming important in the lives of Singaporeans, and issues regarding intellectual property, rights and interests — as well as large sums of money — are sometimes at stake. We provide advice and guidance in these areas.