Family Law

Family Law includes divorces, adoptions and other matters relating to children and the family.

Divorce is the commencement of proceedings to bring an end to a marriage and also to resolve the spousal rights with regard to matrimonial property such as the matrimonial home, other assets and, most importantly, the custody, care and control of any children from the marriage.

Though many divorce proceedings are uncontested, the remaining issues — known as the ancillary matters — require legal input as to what evidence needs to be adduced and how to argue a party's position to maximum benefit.

Another area of family law in which we have much experience is that of protection against domestic violence, as well as enforcing maintenance responsibilities against husbands and fathers or wives and mothers, as the case may be. This area is particularly difficult, as besides money, emotions run high and clients often have to attend Court to give their oral testimony to support their case. This is where we step in to assist clients to prepare for trial.

We also regularly assist in adoptions and orders arising from the custody and guardianship of children.