Criminal Law

There are two broad categories in Criminal Litigation: the withdrawal/reduction of charges and mitigation of a guilty plea and/or a full defence to a criminal charge.

In the first category, clients may agree that they are guilty in the circumstances but find the charge excessive. We would then represent the client to get the charge withdrawn or reduced. If the client then proceeds to plead guilty, we will assist the client in the sentencing process.

In the second category, the client does not agree to the charge and wants to prove his/her innocence. In this case, we will represent the client through the process of criminal litigation; all the way to trial, and thereafter appeal, if necessary.

We have represented clients in the following cases:

  • Capital offences
  • Companies Act offences
  • Computer Misuse Act offences
  • Corruption
  • Departmental summonses and corporate fraud case
  • Drug consumption
  • Factories Act offences
  • Harbouring and employment of immigration offenders and foreign workers
  • Illegal money lending
  • Medical/Industrial accidents
  • Penal Code offences (cheating, maid abuse, causing hurt, outraging of modesty)
  • Road Traffic cases
  • Technical as well as violent crime offences
  • White-collar crimes