Company Law

We are able to provide our clients with a wide array of legal services in line with their ambitions to grow their businesses. Whether locally or internationally, we are in an ideal position to be the in-house counsel that every company needs. We continue to represent a variety of businesses — from small start-ups to medium sized companies to large international organisations. We have experience in several industries, including equipment manufacturing, food and beverage businesses, engineering services, export and import, telecommunications, construction and building materials, consultancy services, human resource services and even horology.

Incorporation and Activation of Corporate Structures

With the increased efficiency at ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Registration Authority) it has become much easier for entrepreneurs to start their businesses in Singapore. In addition, the simplification and standardisation of stamp fees means there is little reason for businessmen not to incorporate and grow their ideas into real life businesses.

We complement these with the significant legal advisory services that we feel must accompany every exciting decision to start a new venture. We seek to balance the speed and energy of every new start up with tempered legal consideration.

We also assist clients with their offshore needs such as the acquisition and activation of offshore structures in jurisdictions like the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Seychelles, Bermuda, Labuan and Anguilla — to name just a few.

Securities, Mergers & Acquisition, Reconstruction Joint Ventures

As our clients continue to adapt their businesses to meet ever changing market conditions, we assist with advisory and documentary needs in the restructuring of their existing entities, acquisition of private companies, mergers of entities, divestments and various other capital market deals.

Transactional Documentation

Our experience includes assisting clients in preparing, organising and drafting various transactional documentation, from simple memorandums of understanding, employment contracts and term sheets, to complex investment agreements, sale and purchase agreements, licensing agreements, technology agreements, framework arrangements for the provision of products and services together with supporting maintenance and supply contracts, and various other co-operation arrangements.

We recently assisted a client in preparing transactional documents related to a large telecommunications deal in the Asia Pacific Region and in another project involving the development of land and infrastructure in the region.

Credit & Risk Management

We have utilised our understanding of the commercial aspects of maintaining a positive credit policy with the need to manage the inherent risks of possessing an unhealthy level of accounts receivables. We are of the view that this is important not only to restore and enhance shareholder confidence, but also to improve liquidity and manage bad debts within the company. We have successfully assisted clients in developing and maintaining proficient methods to manage bad debts, as well as deploying valuable resources to recover monies owing to our clients — utilising minimum resources for maximum gains.