We regularly act for corporate clients such as financial institutions and other lenders and creditors in both corporate and personal insolvency.

For corporate clients, our advice can be in determining the best way to restructure a business in light of impending insolvency and/or to advise on Judicial Management (Court ordered corporate restructuring).

For personal insolvency, we can assist to recover debts or, alternatively, negotiate for the time to settle a debt and/or to advise how to reduce and/or restructure debt to avoid bankruptcy as far as possible.

We have often utilised our understanding of the commercial aspects of maintaining a positive credit policy to manage the risks inherent with possessing an unhealthy level of accounts receivables. We are of the view that this is important not only to restore and enhance shareholder confidence, but also to improve liquidity and manage bad debts within the company. We have successfully assisted clients to develop and maintain a proficient method to manage bad debts and deploy valuable resources to recover monies owing by utilising minimum resources for maximum gains.