Nicholas Aw — Partner


In his 22-year career, Nicholas has appeared at all levels of the court hierarchy, ranging from the State Courts to the Court of Appeal. He has also appeared in hearings at the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore and the Strata Titles Board.

His broad experience also spans from State-Assigned Capital Cases — where he is involved in the Legal Assistance Scheme for Capital Offences — to pro bono work with the Law Society’s Ad Hoc Pro Bono Scheme and Catholic Lawyers Guild.

Nicholas now devotes the bulk of his time to Corporate work and property-related matters such as Real Estate and Strata Management.

Managing a wide spectrum of cases related to the sale and purchase of property, Nicholas also acts for Management Corporations in disputes with developers and with subsidiary proprietors in the management of Strata Titles.

Nicholas’ practice also encompasses estate planning, criminal law and the protection of intellectual property rights.

He is a former lecturer and tutor at both the National University of Singapore and Temasek Polytechnic. He also tutored at the Board of Legal Education’s Postgraduate Practice Law Course.

The weekends mean family time for Nicholas, but he does join up with the old boys of Saint Michael’s School, Saint Joseph’s Institution and Catholic Junior College on the soccer pitch or for alumni activities.