Legal Costs

One of the principal barriers to engaging a lawyer is the perceived cost involved. However, remember that sometimes not using one could end up costing you more. Here we answer a few of the most frequently asked questions.

Hourly Consultation Rates

Service Consultation Rates

Note: GST & disbursements not included. For general enquiries, a rate of $250 per half hour block will apply. Free half an hour consultation applies to personal injury cases only.

Do I have to pay a consultation charge to discuss my case with you?
How much does your firm charge as legal costs?
Does your firm accept instalment payments for the legal costs?
Do I have to pay a deposit if I decide to engage your firm?
What documents must I sign before you act on my behalf?
If I lose my case, do I still have to pay the legal costs?
I have a lawyer now. Can I ask your firm to take over my case?