Funds in joint account ordered to be given to boyfriend

In 2008, Michael Loh defended a client in a dispute over funds in a joint bank account in his name and his deceased girlfriend’s name. This case was particularly interesting as the deceased girlfriend had been a famous poster girl for a local airline in the 1970’s.

Our client’s case was that all the funds in the account were to be given to him by his girlfriend. However, her nephew — the beneficiary of the girlfriend’s will — filed a suit to seek an order for all the funds to be paid to him instead, as beneficiary in the will.

There was a bitter dispute as to whether our client was in a romantic relationship when the monies were deposited into the account and when it was converted from her sole name to a joint account.

In the end, the Court found in favour of our client and ordered that all the monies therein be given to him.

Adapted from original report entitled Kelvin Lim Chen Yeow v Goh Chin Peng [2008] SGHC 119

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