Client gets $60k for trauma after appeal

Viviene Sandhu successfully argued for an award of about $60,000.00 for a client in a post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) case, which was reported in The Straits Times on Saturday, 21 December 2013.

Our client was driving home at 2 am on 9 October 2010. Her car was hit from behind and it spun around. The damage was so extensive that the car had to be scrapped. The driver of the other car was arrested at home and had alcohol in his system above the legal limit. He was fined and banned from driving for a year.

Our client suffered bruises but suffered from PTSD and depression, having flashbacks of the accident.

At the first hearing for damages, our client was awarded $36,000 for (PTSD) and depression. On appeal, this was increased to about $60,000.

The total damages, including other increases in future medical expenses claims and loss of income, was increased from $142,300, to $226,495 on appeal.

This amount awarded for PTSD is considered to be the highest awarded so far.

Clearly the Courts in Singapore are recognising that injuries to the psyche arising from PTSD should be given their due weight, in tandem with the recognition accorded to physical injuries.

Adapted from original report by Elena Chong

The Straits Times Saturday, December 21 2013

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